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About Me



Hello, I am Gio from Georgia. 
Hopefully , one beautiful day I will become a famous photographer. I am currently fond of with volunteer job and working in a bar. When I was 12, my sister sent me first camera of my life from Germany, since that day I have dreamed of becoming a famous photographer. My dream is to organize a photo exhibition and develop in this field. I went through many difficulties in my life, I saw a closed psychiatric ward where I was a patient. I saw the attack of violent groups on May 17, against people of a different orientation and violence towards just not homophobic society . I was afraid of being ridiculed just because I am gay. I lost a loved one who cheered me through a difficult life. Now I am only afraid of losing myself. Despite all the hard stories I've been through and overcome, I still continue fight for survival and equality every day.
Photography was one of the opportunitie, which I could pass through everything and see a better future, a way of self-expression that I want to turn from a hobby into a profession. I want to convey what I have accumulated over so many years through photography and show the society that I’m same like as you are, nothing more or less.
I want to show and inspire people with my photos, that fighting for equality and freedom is always worth it.

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